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all natural ingredients

handmade beeswax candles 

Our Mission

Smudging and the use of botanic's has been practiced for centuries to cleanse,

remove bacteria from the air, banish negative energy and spirits while working 

to bring in positive energy, love, prosperity and change. 


Burning beeswax is scientifically proven to reduce allergies, eliminate mold,

neutralize pollutants, eliminate dust and odours, reduce asthma and hay fever by

releasing negative ions into the air. 

Beeswax candles clean your air of mold, pollen, pet dander, smoke, odours and

even bacteria and viruses. 

In our home studio, we craft signature beeswax candles infused with natural

herbs and ingredients for cleansing and deep intention.

Some of our products are infused with coconut oil and essential oils giving off a

light aroma with therapeutic qualities as well as herbs & elements relating to

specific intentions and desires.


We also extract natural terpenes and botanicals from local plants which are infused 

into our candles naturally.

What a great way to attract abundance, relax, ease stress, create an intimate

atmosphere while cleaning your home.

White Stone Candles

Infused with coffee, cocoa and peppermint to repel negativity and dark energies.

Cafe Mocha

White Stone Candles

Some incantations require a candle to burn completely during the ceremony. Wood wicks burn in 2-3 hours and make perfect spell candles

spell candle

White Stone Candles

Beeswax infused with Black Pepper, Lime and Lavender essential oils has a protective power against negativity.

power & protection

White Stone Candles

This beeswax candle was heated with rose petals. Rose Petals bring love and purity. Burning this candles will bring love and purity into your life.

White Rose

White Stone Candles

Check out our stylish reusable glass candle holders.

orb holder

White Stone Candles

Double the size of a tea light. This mini is made with beeswax infused with coffee, cocoa and peppermint to repel negativity and dark energies.

mini cafe mocha

our blog

Sustainable tips and tricks about the world of natural candles, energy and environment.

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